Welcome to Greenhouse

We have hidden small items such as clothing, shoes, pottery, and bowls around the room.

We hope you will enjoy searching for them!

(Updated every 2 weeks.)

Greenhouse has developed a new kind of healing space where people can take things slow, rest from their tired lives, and recharge their vitality.

Greenhouse Visit Reservation System

Book a trip to Greenhouse and enjoy freedom in your everyday life!

Opening Hours

Wed to Thu 16h - 20h
Fri to Sun 14h - 20h / Mon, Tue off


  • Put your heavy luggage down and leave it in the empty space for a while.
  • The amount and size of each item are written on the tag.
    (Please ask us for information if you come across an item without a tag.)
  • Please feel free to try on any of the items!
  • Look around as much as you want for an hour, then sit down in a chair or on the sofa and rest.

There are no formal rules. Just enjoy your rest.